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“The 5 Keys to Treating Binge Eating”

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Life changing results:

“Take every word for obsessed and hateful in the dictionary and that WAS my relationship with food before we worked together. My relationship with food has taken a 180 degree turn to a level I haven’t felt since I was a little girl. And I can’t believe it happened in less than 30 days.

I love being “present” when I’m eating and being able to enjoy the same food as my family. Using your tricks to make it stick has allowed me to eat all of my favorite foods in moderation and I love that no food is off limits.”

Amy C.

“When I heard Julie say she teaches people how to enjoy just 2 cookies, I knew I needed to learn more! After a life long struggle with eating disorders, I felt like I wanted to break up with food. I went from a daily struggle before I met Julie, to stopping those behaviors as soon as we started working together.

I finally have a peaceful relationship with food. I love being able to do things like buy a slice of peanut butter pie, cut it into 3 pieces and eat just one of them while putting the others away for the future. It’s great to be able to enjoy whatever food I want and not feel the need to overdo it or binge on it. Thanks, Julie!”

Robin C.
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The 30 Days To Stop Binge Eating program includes:

Daily tips, journaling and accountability

Daily online community support and advice

Weekly small group phone coaching sessions

One-on-one coaching calls with Julie every other week

No foods are forbidden.

All foods are allowed and encouraged. When you learn how to eat any food in moderation, you will have no need to binge on them. Forbidden foods lead to deprivation, which leads to bingeing. In this program, there is no deprivation. You will learn to eat the foods you enjoy and never feel deprived. Every single one of my clients has said to me “wait…you don’t understand, I can’t eat my favorite foods in moderation; it may work for everyone else but it won’t work for me.” This method has worked for me, and for every single one of my clients. It will work for you too.


It is easy to get off track trying to tackle this issue alone. Daily accountability to your group members, and to yourself, will keep you focused, committed and on track every day.

Private Coaching with Julie

There may be things you don’t feel like sharing with your group on the phone or in the online forum. You will have 2 private 15-minute calls with me to discuss anything you need to help make your experience a success.

Journal your “tricks to make it stick”

In the online forum, you will be journaling your actions each day. This will remind you of all the positive actions you’re taking. In addition, you will give and receive feedback to others in the group, which creates a safe and supportive community.

Community Support, Guidance and Empowerment

In this program, you participate in weekly calls and the online forum. This way, you will get support and guidance as often as you need it. Whenever you have an event or concern, you will be armed with the tools you need to handle the situation.

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Life changing results:

"After suffering with binge eating disorder for 20 years where nothing I tried ever really worked, I assumed I would have to find a way to live with it.

Julie has such a wonderful and supportive approach that has made this process not only doable, but actually enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t find this program earlier in life."

Sara N.

"Prior to working with Julie, I would binge on all my favorite foods and tell myself that as soon as my stress from any given situation was over, that I would start my diet again.

I am so happy that I found a program that is not a diet, but allows me to lose weight and stop being so fearful of food.  My relationship with food has changed so dramatically and I never thought this would be possible for me."

Kelly D.
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When you follow this program you will:

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